Hello, my name is Matt, I am a Co-founder of frag trade and third year Marine Biology student.

My day-to-day university career includes: research projects in relation to microplastics, biodiversity, coral or other reef building organism ecology, environmental microbiology, and animal responses to pollution.

It is my aspiration to expand my knowledge of the ocean’s biota, in relation to human mechanisms of Anthropogenic pollution. After I complete the course, I intend to make it my mission to combat the many challenging issues facing the oceans. Studying a degree in marine biology will not only aid my knowledge in running FragTrade, but it will give me the skills to pursue a PhD.

Matt with his sister.

Having kept marine aquariums for five years now (including an interest for cultivating
phytoplankton, Spirulina algae and zooplankton) and having had to tackle
algal/cyanobacteria blooms. I have a first-hand understanding of mechanisms in ecological
phase shifts which will aid research on reef building organisms and how these biotas react
to biotic and abiotic pressures. I believe it is important for me to develop a wider
understanding of the intricate ecosystems in the ocean, which has only increased from my
recent coursework projects in ecological phase shifts, coral bleaching, and mangrove

Matt holding his favourite coral.

However, I must say, I feel like keeping a marine aquarium has provided a much stronger
platform for learning about corals and marine fish. Afterall, I am a hobbyist at heart. As you
get new corals and fish, you actively engage in what they are, their care requirement and
most of all, you get to see their beauty on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, if you are as
interested as I am, in every new aquarium purchase, then you will learn via the best possible
way: through experience. Also, my favourite marine fish is a yellow tang and my favourite
coral I have had is this War Paint Scoly in the picture above.

Outside of my marine hobby, I also enjoy playing and watching football and going Kayaking.

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