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Cutting Corals made easier by the Release of the revolutionary Basic Fragging Kit

It’s here! Our very own FragTrade branded fragging kit has hit the market.  Get everything you need to easily Frag your corals effectively and safely all in one box.  It includes everything from plugs and a rack to our Frag Trade guide which contains useful tips and tricks.

What you will receive?

* 20 frag plugs (these were produced by our very own moulds and treated for 6 months via multiple RO water soaks)
* frag rack (20 holed with a barrier around the side, perfect for loads of small frags or spaced out larger frags)
* scalpel with a spare blade (For cutting soft corals, especially zoas)
* 2 lots of 1ml coral dip (So you can frag on two different occasions by adding the coral dip to 300ml of water in which we recommend you mix to a 50/50 ratio of RO/Saltwater)
* tweezers
* 2 pairs of nylon gloves (Health and safety)
* 1 plastic eye protector (Health and safety)
Importantly, our FragTrade basic Fragging Kits are provided with a 12 page detailed fragging manual, and if that’s not enough, we have extensive demonstration videos on how to frag.

Watch the full video for a demonstration on fragging SPS, LPS, Soft corals and Zoas using FragTrade’s Basic Fragging Kit. The very same Fragging kit is available to purchase for just £24.99. The short video is here:

While we have the extended edition of the video to view here:

Now, your probably thinking wow that guy can talk. And yes, I did go on a bit in that video, however, there is an important lesson, you can fragging do it! Its really not that difficult to frag. Here at FragTrade we simply want to make this hobby affordable and enjoyable for as many people as possible. The best way to do that is to teach. Therefore, we think its important that hobbyists have the knowledge to frag, buy and sell, but most importantly do it safely. In due time this will hopefully have a knock on effect in reducing unsustainable imports from abroad, where most companies don’t really know the full story. Unfortunately, that story is usually a bad one. If we frag more in the UK, sustainable, homegrown stocks will flourish, while reduced importation will not only make the hobby cheaper, but it may give the coral reefs a help in hand in their very demanding fight against climate change.

You can make a difference. You can get fragging your way to a sustainable hobby. With FragTrades Basic Fragging Kit

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