I am a lifelong marine biologist and conservationist who has always dreamed of exploring the world, as a few great pioneers did. As an ecologist I never changed out of the eyes we all see through as children (we’re scientists always learning from the nature around us). My biggest fascinations have been in the deep sea and the cosmos – two things could not be further away from each other yet they have such similar environments, and even less so is understood about the world we have to travel deeper to reach rather than outer.

A 15 litre nano-tank, considerably smaller than the current frag tank.

My introduction to the reefing world was a fast one when I saw Matt’s multi tank setup in his university dorm room and decided to start my own using his spare stuff. I had been planning to get into terrariums as a hobby and eventually aquarium keeping when I was more settled but turns out this is happening much sooner than expected and now a little while later, we’re running a shop based on sustainability and an open house for all marine discussion. Feel free to ask anything on any of our media platforms.

We set this business up so we can fund our research and personally, this brings me a few steps closer to fulfilling a dream as an aquanaut and documentary maker, as well as fund a few other hobbies. Most of my years have been spent growing up preparing to be like the explorers I looked up to in the history books. A dream job for me would be exploring the oceans of a distant planet and starting all over again looking up a new phylogenetic tree – if we would be so lucky to travel in this lifetime. For now, I devote my life towards making footsteps in the abyssal and hadal zones of the oceans so I can show all this information to the world.

Outside of my work I am a musician mostly playing metal/jazz drums and a few guitars. With the studio already kitted out I plan on releasing music once I have the funds to finish building my dream drum kit. Hopefully in the years to follow I’ll have my own social media with plenty of song covers and be touring the UK filling in for many bands that taught me everything I know.

Last but not least, fitness and physical health is an important guideline to success in my opinion. To do a job that maybe only a few people have done beforehand it is every bit important to prove to yourself you can do it, before convincing an employer you are more ready for this than literally everyone else in the world. So, to prove my mentality I took up endurance running at 18 years old running almost 1100 miles in 3 months. At 19, a good friend and I finished a 63 km ultra-marathon. Not close to a record time, but I have never felt more confident to see through the most ambitious challenges that come my way in the future.

This shop is only the beginning to the rest of our lives. We are in an important generation to realise the state of our planet and what it will look like in as much as 30 years. This shop was set up to drive education through on keeping life alive and saying no to irresponsible sourcing. Frag sustainably.

The bucket hat has seen a few trees.

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