Monster jam Psammocora frag (UK Grown)

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What you will receive – Frags of Psammocora are roughly 1″ in length on a plug.


Out of stock


Description – Very rare and often underappreciated.  From a distance they have almost a velvet colour masked by a green top appearance but up close one can see the individual polyps. Pasmmocora are fast growing and tolerant of a wide range of tank conditions.

Lighting– medium

Light Intensity PAR
Low Light 30-60
Medium Light 60-150
High Light 150+

Flow – medium

Placement in the reef– low to mid

Water quality

Salinity – 1.024-26
Ca- 420-500ppm
Mg- 1350-1420ppm
KH- 7-9
PO4- 0.05-0.08ppm
No3- 4ppm

(These values are the recommended water quality which we aim to keep our tanks)


1 review for Monster jam Psammocora frag (UK Grown)

  1. Wayne P (verified owner)

    Nice size Frag very healthy and looking great in my reef aquarium

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