Neon Green Kenya Tree

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Kenya Tree Coral

You will receive a 1-2″ frag (when its fully opened out). Neon greens are typically the rarer kind of Kenya Trees so get some good quality while they’re available!


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Kenya Tree Coral

Glowing corals are always sought after, and neon Kenya Trees make good beginner corals. Their hardiness and tolerance of lighting/water conditions prove low maintenance while strong wave currents are ideal for their self-propagating nature. These corals grow quickly, dropping their branches to resettle elsewhere in the tank – they can eventually take over if left unattended for too long so great for fragging into multiple plugs.

Lighting Requirements 

Kenya tree require low – medium light intensity

Light Intensity PAR
Low Light 30-60
Medium Light 60-150
High Light 150+


Flow – Low to Medium

Placement in the reef– lower to mid-levels

Water quality

Salinity – 1.024-26
Ca- 420-500ppm
Mg- 1350-1420ppm
KH- 7-9
PO4- 0.05-8ppm
No3- 4ppm

2 reviews for Neon Green Kenya Tree

  1. DavidR (verified owner)

    Excellent corals. Doing well.

  2. João

    Great coral. Doing great, Mashallah.

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