Purple Yuma Mushroom (UK Grown)

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What you will receive – You will receive a large mushroom on a frag plate. This is a Yuma Ricordea mushroom. Easy coral for a beginner with truly stunning colours.


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Description – Distributed across the Indo-Pacific and Japan, Ricordea yuma is a species of coral in the family Ricordeidae, order Corallimorpharia; This order of corals do not produce the distinctive calcification of the closely related Scleractinian, thus meaning they are referred to as soft corals.

Lighting– low

Light Intensity PAR
Low Light 30-60
Medium Light 60-150
High Light 150+

Flow – Low

Placement in the reef– Lower sections of the reef

Water quality

Salinity – 1.024-26
Ca- 420-500ppm
Mg- 1350-1420ppm
KH- 7-9
PO4- 0.05-0.08ppm
No3- 4ppm

(These values are the recommended water quality which we aim to keep our tanks)


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