Rainbow Stylophora pistillata (UK grown)

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What you will receive – The price is for approximately 1 inch of Stylophora pistillata, specifically known as Rainbow Stylophora. You will receive your frag on a frag plug.


Out of stock


Description – Stylophora pistillata or commonly referred to as rainbiow stylophora (in the aquarium trade), has beautiful shades of purple and brown, which are complemented by healthy white encrusting polyps. This SPS species is one of the hardier SPS corals you can buy. This frag is a species of stony coral in the family Pocilloporidae. It is native to the Indo-Pacific region and is commonly used in scientific investigations. However, in the world of SPS, this still means a great amount of care is still required, in the forms of stable alkalinity.

Lighting– Medium to High

Light Intensity PAR
Low Light 30-60
Medium Light 60-150
High Light 150+


Flow -Medium to high

Placement in the reef– Mid to Higher levels

Water quality

Salinity – 1.024-26
Ca- 420-500ppm
Mg- 1350-1420ppm
KH- 7-9
PO4- 0.05-8ppm
No3- 4ppm


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