Red Mangrove 6-9″ inches


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1 Red Mangrove Plant 6-9″ inches long. All you need is white light and to spray this plant with freshwater every other day to remove any salt crystals.


30 in stock


Large quantities of light can hereby be transformed. The red mangrove is without a doubt the most dominant mangrove in the world.


  • takes root on rocks and roots (like Anubias & Javafern)
  • the plant can be grown in an aquarium/terrarium/vivarium/pot
  • tolerates fresh water/ brackish water as well as salt water
  • it filters the water (nitrates and phosphates) – whereby it improves the quality of the water
  • grows slowly
  • average seed size is 7-12 inches

Red Mangroves due to their tolerance of high levels of salinity, warmth & cold as well as light – ideal for salt water aquariums. 

What benefits do Mangroves have?

  • filter nitrates and phosphates better than any other mechanical filter
  • produce a better atmosphere in the room or in the aquarium for the fish
  • offer a nesting place for nesting
  • offer varied green areas outside of sweet water aquariums, or brackish or salt water aquariums
  • shorten the settling in time of aquariums up to 80%
  • offer wonderful hiding places for young fish and all other


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