FragTrade’s new ‘Coral Care’ Video initiative

Introducing our new ‘Coral Care’ Video initiative. Here at FragTrade, we want to preserve and
protect as many corals as possible, specifically at this moment in time, our home cultured corals. I
remember starting my first ever marine aquarium back in 2017, it was filled with mistakes and
learning curves. This is normal for someone new to the hobby; however, it can come at a cost of
coral mortality.

I had a 25-litre tank, with a clownfish, some live rock, mushrooms, and finger leather coral. I was just
running the aquariums default LEDs at the time. Unfortunately, I had much to learn about lighting
requirements at the time, as I went to the local fish store and came home with the most beautiful
coral I had ever seen at that moment in time, green frogspawn coral; thinking that my tank would
sustain life to this beauty. Long story short, it lasted about two weeks and eventually a process
known as polyp bail out occurred.

Fast forward 5 years, and I now have extensive knowledge on marine aquaria, but with still much to
learn. Therefore, myself and Michael (my business partner in crime at FragTrade) have decided that
a simple mistake like this, for a beginner, all due to sheer enthusiasm for the hobby; is easily
avoidable. The Solution you may ask?

Well, watch the video below and you will get an idea of what I’m getting at:

The answer. A fully comprehensive bank of specific ‘Coral Care’ requirements right next to every
coral listing, as you shop on our store. Therefore, over the next months and years, it is our target
(especially after we have graduated as Marine Biologists in July), to make full ‘Coral Care’ Videos, as
well as full coral descriptions and water quality recommendations, for each and every listing we

Yes, it will take forever. Yes, you will need to be patient. But one day we hope to have a
website made and tailored for all aquarists, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.
This will all be fully backed up with YouTube videos (FragTrade21), a Facebook advice group
(FragTrade21) and our Instagram (FragTrade). We are always here to help you in your Marine
Journey, so follow us on all the previously mentioned platforms, sign up for our newsletter, or
directly contact us on

Thanks for reading, and keep fragging your way to a sustainable hobby, with FragTrade!

Matthew Billups.

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