Phyto Starter Kit 100ml Nannochloropsis Culture + 100ml f/2 Fertiliser


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You will receive 100ml F2 Fertiliser and 100ml of Phytoplankton


10 in stock


You will receive 100ml F2 Fertiliser and 100ml of Phytoplankton. All you need to do is place the 100ml of phytoplankton to a 1 litre bottle and add 900ml of salt water with 1ml of F2 fertiliser. This means you will have plenty of fertiliser for the future! Then bubble the culture under light for 1-2 weeks, harvest 90% and repeat the process. Here is our very own F/2 fertiliser recipe. It contains all the essential and trace elements Phytoplankton require for a healthy culture. All you need to do is add 1ml for every 1litre of Saltwater (in which we recommend you mix to a salinity of 1.026). 100ml is enough to make 100litres of Phytoplankton! Shipped via sashes, so they will post through your letterbox.

Phytoplankton 1 sachet Nannochloropsis 100ml Multiple orders may be sent in larger sachets to save on resources Once a week dosing 10ml per 100l /day to increase biodiversity, subsequently sustaining the food chain so corals, crustaceans, and other invertebrates can feed. This provides vibrant colours and health in the reef whilst reducing excess nutrients that could cause algae build up Per 100l of tank water one sachet can last over a week

Death on arrival policy (DOA) 
If your sachets arrive dead please take pictures immediately after receiving the package for evidence. We will be able to offer a replacement if possible or a refund if preferred. Buyer pays postage for replacements. Please note phytoplankton are microscopically small and should be seen when held up to the light. Policy does not apply if the sachet had been collected from the office after a missed delivery, or too much time has passed before submitting a DOA request. Policy also does not apply to items that die once already placed inside a tank (please be sure tank quality is sufficient before buying). Delivery Info We use Royal Mail 2nd Class.


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