FragTrade now on Highland Road Portsmouth

Having now gone trough a hectic transitioning phase, fragtrade is pleased to announce the FT350 and all her contents are now safely inside our new home on highland road from Belmont Street. For more information on our location click this link:

We can now confirm that most things are safe, healthy and sound. Other than the exception of some stressed SPS from cold water whilst we were plumbing and moving the tank, most corals are still available for sale. We have been at Highland road for one month now, so its safe to say everything has settled in nicely. Here is an a five minute clip of our settled stock:

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that we will be setting up a new Showtank. Details are to be followed up on a later article with an up and coming video release. We have also decided to keep you visually updated with the beauty of our corals by the first publication, and many more to follow, of FragTrade shorts. Check this Goniopora Short

If you are interested in possibly getting a goniopora from FragTrade we then please view the following link.

Thank you for reading this article and keeping up to date with the latest news. We would also like to thank one of our customers Lee and Mandy Battersby for publishing a heart warming unboxing review of a frogspawn coral purchase on YouTube. For more details please check the following video out!

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